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The best for your health

Working together with the team at Nottingham Physiotherapy Services, you will be able to find  the best approach to recovering and maintaining your health. Our therapy is based on individual therapy programmes which are arranged as you require them. The following information provides you with an overview of our treatment options at Nottingham Physiotherapy Services.

Physiotherapy in Nottingham and your local area: Bramcote NG9 3NL, Beeston, Chilwell, Toton, Wollaton and Stapleford. Whether it's rehabilitation following illness or an operation, or recovery from an accident, at Nottingham Physiotherapy Services we will help you get back to your former self.


All of the techniques that you physiotherapist uses are safe and effective.   

Treatment modalities in our practice:

At Nottingham Physiotherapy Services we are very 'hands on' with treatment, using manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue and joint mobilization; massage; trigger point release; strapping and taping.  These techniques are known to be more effective for quality tissue healing.


We also use a range of tools, aids and electrotherapy equipment such as ultrasound and Laser Therapy for physiotherapy.  Medical accupuncture / Dry needling is also available. Plus you may be given advice regarding the use of hot or cold on the site.  Chronic pain management may also be discussed.


In addition, we will recommend, describe, demonstrate and show you how to perform a personalised programme of rehabilitation exercises to enable you to achieve a faster recovery with more impact.  These programmes will also help to prevent further injury or a recurrence.  You may also be given postural advice, including your work station, driving and sleeping positions. 


We also offer specialized 6-week pilates courses for patients with low back pain.  This will increase core stability and improve body control.  The primary aim is to develop an efficient central core of stability muscles that stabilize the trunk and spine, and in this way reduce back pain and discomfort for the long term.  Classes are one hour a week, over six consecutive weeks.  These are small groups (6-8 patients) so that everyone has individual attention during the class. 


Necessarily there will be different combinations of treatment modalities for each patient and condition.

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