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Patients' Testimonials

Some additional recent feedback from my patients:





“Amazing work on my hip – massive increase in my flexibility and can’t wait to get back training after dreading it for the past year.  Thank you so much Alistair”


“Thank you Alistair – best Physio I’ve ever had”


“Alistair has scored over the doctors getting me back to tennis – he comes highly recommended”


“I have had 3 sessions with Alistair and have felt very looked after.  He has shared his knowledge and focused his whole attention on getting to the bottom of my aches and pain”.


“Referred to Alistair following 2 years of pain in the hip, which had become increasingly debilitating and was affecting my work and home life.  I wish I had come months ago. After one session and his recommendations and exercise routine, I feel so much better, the pain has reduced and almost gone.  As a professional Physio, I cannot recommend him enough”


“Really impressed with all of the help Alistair has given me over the past couple of months – the improvement in my neck and shoulder has been great and I am very hopeful that by following the advice he has given me, that will continue. Thank you.



Physiotherapy Nottingham


"Made an appointment with Alistair at Nottingham Physiotherapy Services after an acute back muscle strain had flaired up and was affecting my work capacity. In my first appointment the issue was identified and addressed immediately with a comprehensive treatment that resulted in almost instant relief, allowing me to get straight back to strenuous activity. I chose to have a subsequent follow-up session just to make sure and feel confident that a painful and awkward problem was solved! All I can say is I wish I'd made the appointment sooner and can't recommend Alistair and Nottingham Physiotherapy Services enough!" Douglas R


Physiotherapy Nottingham


"Having had physiotherapy on a few occasions over the last couple of years for different ailments, Alistair has treated me with all my conditions. He is a very knowledgeable and thorough person who is considerate, caring, and patient who explains problems in detail.  I have always had great faith in him

and he has always sorted out my problems for me. I would greatly recommend him for any treatment in his field". Val C
Physiotherapy Nottingham

"I was convinced my relatively active lifestyle was at an end. At 59 years young and having lots of hip pain my body had decided for me that I should be more sedentary, which I was for about 2 months until Alistair applied his true expertise with a very caring professionalism. Within a few sessions I was pain free at night! Now back playing 7 aside football. I should have made the appointment a lot earlier. Thank you very much" Frank O


Physiotherapy Nottingham


Alistair's expertise and professionalism makes him an extremely effective physiotherapist. In addition, his sense of humour and ability to relate to the client's needs in terms of life-style have proved crucial in ensuring maximum assistance in the management of their condition.  I have no hesitation in recommending him!” Mary K-G

In 2013, I was referred to Alistair by my G.P. due to joint pain in my knee following an acute pain whilst doing a Zumba class. Alistair diagnosed it as being a ligament problem and after a few sessions with him, gave me daily exercises to do at home. These were very successful and within a few weeks my pain had gone and I was able to join a gym where I do Zumba, Body Pump and continue to do exercises to maintain the strength of my knee.. I would highly recommend Alistair as a physiotherapist as both my husband and I have been helped back to an active life due to his support”.  Dianne W


"I've had physio treatment on several different parts of my body over a period of time with Alistair. At my first appointment, it didn't take long before I felt at ease & by the end of that session I had complete trust & confidence in Alistair. Alistair is very friendly yet retains a professional attitude. My husband also had treatment from Alistair, he agrees with me & we both have no hesitation in recommending him if you need treatment" Kate Y


"I have no hesitation in recommending Alistair at Nottingham Physiotherapy Services – he has a professional and calm manner and is very thorough at finding the cause of the problem and then sorting it" Sandy M


I have every faith in Alistair and would recommend him to anyone needing his professional help and support”. Peter W


"I met Alistair towards the end of 2014, having been referred for some deep-seated treatment to the muscle in my upper right arm.  I found him to be very personable, most professional, thorough and willing to advise.  The symptoms have been much relieved by his treatment.  From my experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending his services"


"Excellent treatment, prompt attention, appointment times kept"


“Much more pleasant & more private than a hospital physio. dept.”


“Brilliant local physio. Helpful, explained everything I needed to know”


“An excellent service – which gave great help and relief to a painful problem. I would highly recommend to anyone”


“After suffering for years with the pain I can now see a little light at the end of the tunnel whereas for so long all I could see was pain and sleepless nights. Very pleased with the treatment”




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