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You'll find regular updates from our physiotherapist about new treatment methods, innovative prevention, the latest research results and news about our practice on our Nottingham Physiotherapy Services website.

Nottingham Physiotherapy Services team

Nottingham Physiotherapy Services is private physiotherapy clinic in the Bramcote/Beeston area. We have a lovely new, well-equipped clinic in the Bramcote (NG9 3NL) area of Nottingham. We also serve Beeston, Chilwell, Toton, Wollaton and Stapleford areas.


Nottingham Physiotherapy Services are a small family-run business, with lots of experience, and we genuinely care about our patients.  We want you to get better, as quickly as possible.  We rely on you telling your friends and family about how great we are for new business, rather than treating you for too long.

Alistair Exon BSc (Hons) MCSP HCPC

Senior Physiotherapist and Clinical Director


Mr Alistair Exon is Nottingham Physiotherapy Services' senior physiotherapist and clinic director.  He has been treating patients since 2000.  He is extremely experienced and prefers a hands-on approach with patients.  He won't leave you on an exercise bike on your own for 30 minutes; he wants to maximise the time you have with him on treating you.  He will give every patient the best service possible.


Alistair also specialises in Medical accupuncture/Dry needling and Laser Therapy.


In addition, Alistair works in an occupational health capacity and can complete DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments for you as an individual or your business. Alistair is a Chartered Physiotherapist and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.



Dr Kim Edwards

Business Manager


Dr Kim Edwards is Nottingham Physiotherapy Services business manager.  She is the Director for Postgraduate Education in the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham, and on top of that runs the MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine and MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Medicine (Professor of Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Education). Needless to say, with all that on her plate, she works for Nottingham Physiotherapy Services part time.  Her research examines relationships between physical activity and health, and she is particularly interested in running and osteoarthritis (to put an end to, or support, the causal debate once and for all).


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